Website: HTML5 Builder

5 Page HTML5 website:

When to use:
First choice for all websites, except those mentioned below. 

Not for: 
E-Commerce websites, blogging or when the website owner wants to update the website regularly himself and do not want to pay a programmer or wait for updates.


  • Home
  • Page 1
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  • Page 3
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Website loads very fast, which is good for SEO.
Very secure, unlikely to be hacked.
Very little maintenance, unless one becomes aware of a vulnerability in a component. No monthly maintenance.
Website can stay secure and relevant for several years.
Web hosting is very cheap.


We must make changes e.g. content and images.
More expensive than a CMS site e.g. WordPress due to all content and images being added manually using coding.
Adding pages and content changes must be done by someone with programming skills.
Adding pages can be time consuming.
Time consuming to make big changes e.g. structural or major layout changes.

First option for most websites.
Plan the look and layout before starting, as changes are very time consuming.

Website: HTML5 Builder

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